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NURTURING Relationships And ENRICHING Environments,

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At National Nanny we promote the advancement and learning of in-home childcare professionals. The qualifications of our candidates range from the baseline of CPR/First Aid with some college to advance degrees, K-12 certified Teachers, certified Behavioral Health Technicians, certified Nurse Assistants and Registered Nurses. We work to make access to learning equitable by promoting scholarship and funding opportunities.

At National Nanny, we are excited to help you enjoy a new and lasting career in the field of child care. With our nanny training and certification processes, you can enjoy a memorable learning experience from the comfort of your own home. Our courses are designed to give you the training you need to handle any type of childcare-related situation that may arise.

Our friendly team is more than happy to answer any of your questions and give you tips on how to best stand out from the competition as you start to apply for nanny positions in your area. Let our team put your mind at ease and give you the certifications you need to apply for open positions with added confidence.

If you are ready to see how our nanny certification training services can help jumpstart your career or provide you with a refresher for your current knowledge of nanny services, reach out to us today and join our training courses. For more helpful information, be sure to visit our contact page today.

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SM Post Nanny Certification

"I started working for National Nanny's parent company, Seattle Nanny Network, in 1999 and know firsthand the importance of a nanny's role in the growth and development of young children. I am still so close to the family they placed me with even as they are all grown up!  As the co-founder of Sproutable, I am thrilled to now partner with National Nanny Network to offer nannies and families the Positive Discipline tools, systems, and strategies they need to cultivate powerful relationships, teach social-emotional skills, and set healthy limits and boundaries with all kids. At Sproutable, we developed the Positive Discipline for Nannies certification course, an officially licensed Positive Discipline product. I found this especially rewarding as a former nanny to create a course that was specially tailored to nannies AND showed real nannies and families using the tools.  I have helped families for over 20 years now, including running the preschool assessment team and working in many elementary schools as a school psychologist and counselor for Seattle Public Schools. I draw from my real-life practical experience working with thousands of students with a variety of needs and my own three children to parent and nanny coaching, bringing a unique ability to translate research, child development and Positive Discipline principles into everyday solutions."

-Co-Founder of Sproutable, Julietta Skoog

Positive Discipline for Nannies online certification, $299

This certification course teaches the framework of Positive Discipline, based on the theories of psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, and tools from the latest social neuroscience to use when caring for young children. Learn to discipline with firmness and kindness, cultivate a sense of belonging and significance through mutual respect and encouragement, and set the foundation for important social and life skills. We show you how to invite cooperation, build strong relationships, and find the joy and humor in everyday moments. You will receive a Sproutable certificate to document the completion of the course, along with a portfolio to share with employers that outlines your principles and tools to turn behavior challenges into opportunities to learn and grow. 

How to Grow Remarkable Kids online series, $249

This premium course is an introduction to Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline. Experience a Positive Discipline home through videos of real families (no actors!). Learn how to teach life skills, invite cooperation, build strong relationships and find joy and humor in everyday moments. The result? Capable, confident and remarkable kids.

Change Your Language to Change Their Behavior spotlight course, $97

This starter course offers specific Positive Discipline tools that will help you focus on the language you use with your kids. By changing your language you can teach kids how to think for themselves, how to be self-motivated, do the right thing when no one is looking, and empower them with knowledge & practice to feel capable, independent, and responsible. Experience these Positive Discipline tools through videos of real families (no actors!).

Features of signing up:

Experience a Positive Discipline home through videos of real families (no actors). See it in action!

You can access the online series at any time from your computer or mobile phone. Free mobile app available for iOS.

Unlimited Q&A
Get all your questions answered by the Sproutable expert team via monthly coaching calls or unlimited email support.

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